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Safety Can Storage Cabinets

Safety Can Storage Cabinets

  • Keep flammable liquids away from the work area in a safe an organized way, limiting employee exposure to flammable liquid.
  • Cabinets are designed to meet safety requirements for the handling of flammable liquids. Choose from a large selection of models from 4 to 90 gallon storage capacity. Smaller compact cabinets are convenient for user with space limitation.
  • All cabinets comply with current OSHA regulations and are designed in accordance with the standards of NFPA code 30.
Product CodeCapacityDimensionDoorsNo. of Shelves/Trays
F1014 gal22 x 17 x 171 manual1
F1114 gal22 x 17 x 171 self-closing1
F10212 gal35 x 24 x 181 manual1
F11212 gal35 x 24 x 181 self-closing1
F10316 gal44 x 24 x 181 manual1
F11316 gal44 x 24 x 181 self-closing1
F10430 gal44 x 43 x 182 manual1
F11430 gal44 x 43 x 182 self-closing1
F10545 gal65 x 43 x 182 manual2
F11545 gal65 x 43 x 182 self-closing2
F10660 gal65 x 34 x 342 manual2
F11660 gal65 x 34 x 342 self-closing2
F10790 gal65 x 43 x 342 manual2
F11790 gal65 x 43 x 342 self-closing2
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