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PVC Casing Of First Aid Kit

PVC Casing Of First Aid Kit

Quality PVC Container1pc1pc1pc1pc
Sterile Finger Dressing No.7 (5cm x 5cm) 2pcs2pcs2pcs
Sterile Lint Dressing No. 8 (8cm x 9cm) 1pc1pc2pc
Sterile Lint Dressing No. 9 (10cm x 14cm)  1pc1pc
Sterile Eye Pad (6cm x 8cm) 1pc2pcs2pcs
Sterile First Aid Dressing (10cm x 12cm) 1pc (8cm x 10cm)1pc1pc
Sterile Non-Adherent Dressing Pad (10cm x 10cm) 1pc1pc2pcs
Sterile Confirming BloodStopper Bandage (13cm x 22cm)   1pc
Confirming Elastic Gauze Bandage (6cm x 4m)1roll1roll1roll1roll
Confirming Elastic Gauze Bandage (8cm x 4m)  1roll1roll
Cotton Elastic Bandage (6cm x 5m)   1roll
W.O.W. Bandage (2.5cm x 5m) 1roll1roll1roll
W.O.W. Bandage (5cm x 5m)1roll1roll1roll1roll
W.O.W. Bandage (7.5cm x 5m) 1roll1roll1roll
Dressing Strip (4cm x 1m)   1roll
Cotton Balls 10's1boxs2boxs2boxs4boxs
Gauze Swabs 10's (5cm x 5cm) 1boxs2boxs2boxs
Cotton Buds 100's  1pc1pc
Triangular Bandage (91.5cm x 91.5cm x 136cm)  1pc1pc
Sterile Assorted Plaster Strip 20’s/box*4 pcs - First Aid Bandage 25mm x 72mm*8pcs - First Aid Bandage 19mm x 72mm*4 pcs - First Aid Bandage 38mm x 38mm (Square)*2 pcs - First Aid Bandage 45mm x 55mm (Butterfly Shape)

*2 pcs - First Aid Bandage 38mm x 76mm (H Shape)

4 x  First Aid Bandage (19mm x 72mm)

2 x First Aid Bandage (25mm x 72mm)

Extendable Splint (5cm x 26cm)   3pcs
Extendable Splint (5cm x 18.5cm)  2pcs2pcs
Alcohol Wipe (65mm x 30mm)2pcs4pcs4pcs4pcs
Normal Saline Wipe (65mm x 30mm)2pcs2pcs2pcs2pcs
Sting Relief Wipe (65mm x 30mm) 1pc1pc1pc
Sterile Normal Saline Solution (120ml)  1btl1btl
Antiseptic Cream (15gm) 1pc1pc1pc
Adhesive Roll Plaster (1.25cm x 5m)1roll1roll1roll1roll
S/Steel Scissors (14 cm)1 (10cm)1pc1pc1pc
Plastic Tweezers (12 cm) 1pc1pc1pc
Safety Pin (12’s)  1pc1pc
CPR Face Shield   1pc
Forehead Thermometer   1pc
Bio Hazard Zip Lock Bag (9" x 12")  1pc2pcs
Instant Ice Pack (5” x 6”)  1pc2pcs
Vinyl Gloves 2pairs2pairs4pairs
General Usage Card1pc1pc1pc1pc
Basic Life Support Card 1pc1pc1pc
First Aid Guide Booklet1pc1pc1pc1pc
Nail (25mm)  2pcs2pcs
Content Listing Leaflet1pc1pc1pc1pc
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