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Mobile Dry Powder & Foam Fire Extinguisher

Mobile Dry Powder & Foam Fire Extinguisher

  • Mobile dry powder fire extinguishers are effective on all types of fire - Class A, B, C.
  • Mobile Fire Extinguishers are produced specifically for use with Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF 6%) which is remarkably effective when fighting Class B (flammable fuel) fires.
  • The unique section of AFFF stems from its ability to make water float on flammable fuels.
  • The flame quenching foam blanket rapidly spreads over the surface of the fuel and the aqueous solution floats over the surface to provide a vapour seal.
  • This aqueous film foaming action enhances the extinguishment and prevents reveals of the fuel.
  • Available in store pressure type & gas cartridge type.



ModelCapacity (kg)
TPM 2525
TPM 50 / TPG 5050
TPM 75 / TPG 7575
TFM 45 / TFG 4545
TFM 100 / TFG 100100
TFM 150 / TFG 150150
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