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Laminate Sorbent Pad

Laminate Sorbent Pad

  • Made from meltblown polypropylene fine fibers.
  • OIL Only :
  • For use with oil or petroleum base fluid containment only.
  • Clearing up oil spill in ocean, river, shipping terminal, crude storage, workshop & etc.
  • UNIVERSAL Only :
  • For acids and non-aggressive spills like oil, coolant, water & solvent on open space surface.
  • Used to cover and scatter or pave onto the spill oil or chemical on floor.
  • CHEMICAL Only :
  • For aggressive & non-aggressive chemical such as acids and caustic liquids.
  • Ideal for laboratory spills and transportation hazardous material spill response.




OilBOS-LMT200241cmx51cm3mm200pcs/carton>145liter/cartonSingle Weight
OilBOS-LMT400241cmx51cm8mm100pcs/carton>145liter/cartonDouble Weight
UniversalMOS-LMT200241cmx51cm3mm200pcs/carton>145liter/cartonSingle Weight
UniversalMOS-LMT400241cmx51cm8mm100pcs/carton>145liter/cartonDouble Weight
ChemicalHOS-LMT200241cmx51cm3mm200pcs/carton>145liter/cartonSingle Weight
ChemicalHOS-LMT400241cmx51cm8mm100pcs/carton>145liter/cartonDouble Weight
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