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Backpack Trauma Kit

Backpack Trauma Kit

  • This kit is designed as a hand carried and made of Durable Polyester 1200D Material and comes in 3 removable transparent pouches & 4 identical pockets for easy and personalised organisation.
  • The bag is made of heavy duty zipper and reflective stripes.
  • The kit is equipped with Resuscitator, Immobilizer, Bandages, Instrument & Accessories.
  • Size : 43(L) x 18(W) x 34(H) cm
  • Weight : 4.3 kg (with Content)
  • Bag Color : Red, Navi Blue


Trauma Bag1 pc
Resuscitation & Airway 
Vinyl Resuscitator - Adult1 set
Airway Size : 3 & 41 pc
Mouth Opener1 pc
CPR Pocket Mask1 pc
Equipment & Instrument 
Manual BP Set1 pc
Stethscope1 pc
Stainless Steel Utility Scissors 19cm1 pc
Stainless Steel Surgical Scissors 13cm1 pc
Stainless Steel Surgical Forcep 13cm1 pc
Stainless Steel Kelly Forcep 14cm1 pc
Stainless Steel Spinter Fitcep 14cm1 pc
Razor2 pcs
Medical Pen Touch w/battery1 pc
Sterile Multi-Trauma Dressing 30cm x 75cm2 pcs
Malleable Splint Size : 0.11m x 0.475m1 pc
Telescopic Splint set of 5's/set*5cm x 26cm (2pcs)

*5cm x 18.5cm (3pcs)

1 set
Sterile Gauze Pad 5cm x 5cm 5's/pkt4 pkts
Sterile Gauze Pad 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 5's/pkt4 pkts
Sterile Gauze Pad 10cm x 10cm x 5's/pkt4 pkts
Sterile Eye Pad 6cm x 8cm4 pcs
Confirming First Aid Dressing w/pad 8cm x 10cm2 pcs
Confirming First Aid Dressing w/pad 10cm x 12cm2 pcs
Confirming BloodStopper Bandage 13cm x 22cm2 pcs
Non Adherent Dressing Pad 10cm x 10cm x 1's4 pcs
Sterile Cotton Ball 10's/pkt4 pkts
Sterile Gamgee Pad 25cm x 25cm 1's/pkt2 pkts
Triangular Bandage 36" x 36" x 51"2 pcs
Cotton Elastic Bandage 6cm x 5m2 rolls
Crepe Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m2 rolls
Assorted Plaster Strip 20's ( 5 sizes )1 set
Vinyl Gloves 2's4 pairs
Emergency Foil Blanket 160cm x 210cm1 pc
Adhesive Tape w/dispencer 1.25cm x 5m1 roll
Adhesive Tape w/dispencer 2.5cm x 5m1 roll
BioHazard Ziplock Bag 210mm x 295mm4 pcs
Normal Saline Solution 120ml2 btls
Alcohol Prep Pad10 pcs
Normal Saline Wipe10 pcs
Sting Relief Wipe5 pcs
Accessories Information Guide 
Basic Life Support Guide Card1 pc
General Usage Guide1 pc
First Aid Guide Booklet1 pc
Content Listing1 pc


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